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new images

I'd like to request more images of business people with various emotions:










It would be great to have the faces already drawn on to these people.

and business people working at computers, alone or networked

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I agree. The avatar graphics are spooky and frankly there are not enough of them. For those not adept at Illustrator and other drawing software, we are at the mercy of stock images. Is there a recommended stock vector graphic site to obtain drawings that will work with VideScribe?

Hi guys

All image suggestions get in the main free library eventually - we are very keen to provide business based images that work really well.  I will make sure these are added to that list.

There are now over 3,000 images that come with a Pro license in VideoScribe and later this year we plan to launch the ability for third party artists to contribute to a much much bigger image library which would be included in search results - some free some purchasable.  We are calling this community exchange and expect to reach a 100,000 images sometime in 2015.

Meanwhile, you can get some free, but very variable in quality images from, we have a site with a few thousand premium images called and if you google the image you want + SVG you can sometimes find a link eventually for a good SVG image.

GREAT! It's wonderful to see that you'll be ramping up your image selection so dramatically for 2015. You guys are blowing up and I'm so glad you're keeping pace with your popularity by providing exponentially more value. Thanks!


Very useful, really love the ease of just looking for an image and popping it in.  Thanks

AND please add DIVERSITY within the images. Like I wanted a frustrated or stressed business man, but I couldn't have a white guy. I need more visual diversity. If you had versions of the same graphic with different skin tones, that would be a great way to add diversity without having to draw a bunch of new graphics.

Also - I agree with this post - more business images with various expressions of people - male and female.

Thanks for all you your suggestions they are all appreciated.

We are constantly trying to improve and expand our image library, and we also believe that diversity is incredibly important.

By the end of the year, in version 2.2 we would expect you to have the ability to change colours yourself. However, we are currently in the process of overhauling the people images that we already have, to include as many different cultures and ethnicities as we can.

We hope to have them out as soon as possible In the meantime there are options on for various non-white characters in multiple poses and emotions made by outside, professional artists.

Thanks kindly,


I agree this should be a priority. Since we originally subscribed over a year ago there have been images actually removed from the free library. And, no offense, guys, but can we act a little more grown up? I doubt that Ninja Turtles are what your customers are looking for. How about adding  lots of images depicting people from more industries, represented in organized categories.  I have said it before, are there any adults in charge? Sorry Joe, Andy, and others I have dealt with obviously care about a quality product and pleasing the customer. Not sure about upper management. Is business that good? I think you need full time artists drawing more FREE images,and fast! And I think with what you charge for this, you should concentrate on building the free library, and not SVG Studio. Your competition is eating your lunch right off your plate, and charging far less for it. How about adding some value?

Sorry, I didn't read all the responses to Jill's request before I posted. But my comments stand. This is the biggest shortcoming I can see, and such an easy fix. If I didn't love this product and have faith you guys will improve it I would have thrown up my hands long ago instead of renewing my subscription. Thanks.

Hi Ed

I can tell you that the customer care and belief in the product spans the whole organisation not just those you have directly dealt with to date.  We have over 3,000 images in the free library and over time have changed libraries from being held back/exclusive to available to everyone.  The library has continued to evolve and grow overall - although in response to customer feedback we have removed images from time to time when they have been inappropriate or causes issues.

We have a full time professional illustrator and two other designers along with freelance and intern talent.  We respond to all image requests once we can group them into a library and we continue to deliver images that are the highest quality we can.  

I don't see any other product giving away more content or higher quality clipart than us.  Having said that, we want to do much better and so have a "community exchange" planned which will allow users to connect directly with illustrators through an image exchange available from within the product.

This is down on the product road-map to be live before the end of the year and should grow the library quickly to hundreds of thousands of images - some charged but hopefully most free.

We agree that business images are the priority however we see a huge call for student and specific industry images and try to cater for all users.

Many thanks

is the community exchange for images now live inside the software?


Hi Lee,

The community exchange is live and is currently available in the Beta version of VideoScribe 2.2.

Community Exchange images are listed when using search facility within VideoScribe.

If you would like to try the Beta version out, you can sign up for it via Your Account Page.

Hi Lee

We are hoping to get out the live version as soon as Monday - although I'm sure I'll get in trouble for saying that publicly!  We're confident it's ready, but will not release it if there is any issue.

If you are hoping to contribute images, then this process is live and available.  Again when you go to you can click on services and start uploading images if your PRO which will come to us for approval and then start being sold.

Many thanks



I'm closing this forum post, if you have any image requests please post them in here

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