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An idea to keep pace with competitors...interactivity

The next generation of whiteboard animated videos (just released from YDraw) includes interactivity.

Allow me to be the first to request this feature.  I have a vision where our videos with this feature can animate the sales process for small businesses...millions of them.

Applied with creativity, this feature can change the way companies sell products and services.

The demo

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Looks awesome :)
I second this one...


Yes, I saw what the guys at YDraw have done with their ride a cat or bull example!  Really great to see them pushing forward in this way.

We have so many ideas and projects I think I'd like to see how the take up of this develops over the coming months, but will keep revisiting it.

We plan to create a player for scribes that you can embed on your website to make rendering quicker and easier and take away the need for an average user to have a YouTube account to get the scribe on their website.

If we developed a player it would make interactive videos much more accessible for our development team.

Interactivity takes engagement to another level. That's why people play games rather than watch TV.  I suggest you do not take too long to think about this. 

This is pretty much what I was asking for... this would be a great direction
of focus for the next version update!


Wow, yes very surprised that interactivity was not already part of VideoScribe!  I just started using VideoScribe and I guess assumed incorrectly that clickable/viewable links to external assets like videos and other VideoScribes were definitely possible :-(  I do think your product is quite awesome in everything that it currently does but interactivity is a must these days with all the gaming and edutainment setting the bar for what is the norm.  I am an education professional and am really hoping to use your product soon to connect seemingly disparate VideoScribe animations into a singular cohesive piece of interactive instructional content.  Think of the endless choose-your-own-adventure style of learning possibilities this approach could bring :-)



This YDraw idea is what I wanted years ago, but could not find a place that did it without annoying secondary layers. This is really seemless and would be ideal, excellent, spot on, on the money for the educational sector too (not just marketing as the video implies). Students need the interaction to keep their attention.

My question would be: Could this style of video maintain its interactivity and be uploaded to youtube or vimeo etc....

The alternative free version is to have a series of short videos that are all uploaded and linked on youtube and suffer the potential to have advertisements or loss of attention in between the videos.

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