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version 1.3.26


I have 1.3.31 Pro installed and I read somewhere that there is a rendering problem with this version and 1.3.26 should be installed to fix it. Sure enough I am experiencing this  with 1.3.31 when zooming into a colour where text is to appear. You can see from the screengrab there is a bit of ghosting where the text is due to appear.

I downloaded 1.3.26 from the Sparkol website, un-installed 1.3.31 and re-installed 1.3.26. I restarted the PC when prompted but the version is still showing as 1.3.31 and I am still seeing the ghosting.

Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Stephen, it is likely that you currently have 1.3.26 installed but it is still showing as 1.3.31.

A quick way to check this would be to go into start, control panel, Programs and features, find Sparkol VideoScribe in the list and check the version here.

Thanks, Joe


I think this particular text ghost stripe symptom occurs in 1.3.26 (and probably all versions)

It generally does not occur when only one text element is used on any part of the scribe canvas.

1) it is more likely to occur when multiple text elements are layered in the same location

2) it is sometimes seen when text is layered over some element colors or background colors

3) it may be more noticeable when text is used with some effects such as glows, blurs, dropshadows etc

If you have multiple layers of text elements on top of each other you may be able to reduce the symptom by not stacking as many text elements in the same location.

or if your text has any effects on it like glows or dropshadows or blur, etc, you may be able to reduce the symptom by removing one or more of those text effects .

changing the color of the text or background may also help reduce the symptom.

Hope that helps,

Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Mike and Joe,

Thanks for the info.

I start off with the green graphic of a football pitch (SVG) and zoom into it., then type up some white text over the top.

I realise that stacking text over an image was causing it, but was hoping there was a fix as I still want to give this animation this treatment. It looks more like a bug to me and hopefully will be another thing that gets resolved in the next version.

When I get time, I've got a few feature requests to suggest to the team that would be groovy if they were eventually implemented in future releases. :)



Hi Stephen,

If you save your scribe online and let us know the name we can take a look at it for you.


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