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audio editting

Hi, I have an idea:

I use a professional voiceover in my scribes, I would like to change some pauses in the audio in sprakol . That is not yet possible. Would be great if that is gonna work in a next update: sometimes I dont want to edit the scribe but just adding a pause in the audio: it would be great if you see the mp3/wave line under the scribe, as in other moviemakesoftware.

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I like this idea too and we have had a lot of audio editing requests, our problem is development time on this one, it's really involved to do it really well.... I think we are just going to have to bite the bullet and put in the hours on this one.  

I'll make sure it's highlighted in our dev system.

Thanks for taking the time to raise the suggestion here.

Hey Jon

It's been 2 years.  Is this going to be launched soon?  It would make videoscribe a really valuable tool.

Leanne, We still really like the idea of this feature, but as Jon says, it's quite a big change which would involve a lot of work. It's also something that can already be done using other tools, like Audacity, and imported into VideoScribe. So although we'd love to develop this functionality within VideoScribe, the priority has been to focus on other areas, such as overall performance and stability, and improvements to core features. Thanks for chasing up on this one, and we'll be keeping the main audio editing forum topic updated when we have more news -

It has been over three years now. Audio features are the only constraint in using VideoScribe.

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