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Voiceover on different devices

hi, I recorded a voiceover in an audio program, saved it as a mp3 and  downloaded in sparkol. It works. but when I log in on another device, the Voice is gone. what to do? and yes I saved it online.

Please help me out!

Hi Nienke, this is a known issue when using on different devices.

The workaround would be to download the Scribe from your dashboard and import it manually.

Log in to your VideoScribe account

Click on 'scribes saved online' and download the scribe

Open VideoScribe

On the home screen page, select the import icon

Find and select the file you have just downloaded

Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe, Thanks. That works. but.... I guess you most intellegent guys en ICT freaks can fix this? Just an idea. Untill that time, I can life with this ;-)

Another question I posted, but did not had a reply on jet is this (maybe you can help me): when I added a voiceover, I sometimes want to make the pauses in the audio a little bigger. so instead of fixing the scribe I want to edit the audio. I can do that in audicity or something else. but I prefer to fix it in sparkol . YOu know, like in other movie-editor-programms were you can see the wave line from the audio under the images. (you understand?)

I would love is that is possible, or is it allready?



Hi Nienke,

It is not possible to add pauses within VideoScribe and we would recommend that you use Audacity or something similar.


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