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Sound in video


This is my problem and I tried this: "If the sound plays in preview mode but not in your rendered video, try using "save as a NEW COPY and close" (the save icon with two diskettes) to rename your scribe and save it as a new copy with a different name. Then open it and render it again to see if that solves the problem. That process can resolve a variety of rendering problems sometimes."

Din't work. 

BTW, when I open the new scribe, it does not have the voiceover anymore. So, if I export the MP3 file again I end up going in a vicious circle.

Try the other suggestions (especially number 4) or provide more information please:

4) If you import an MP3 file but you hear no sound in videoscribe or in your rendered video, You may have a stereo audio file that only has sound in the left or right channel. If your audio file is a mono file saved as a stereo file (only the left or right channel has sound) it may not work at all (I'm not sure if this applies only to voiceovers or to music as well). If so you can resave your stereo mp3 in mono and it may work.

5) If you have a music track and an audio track, and your audio seems to be skipping, make sure that you select the "loop music" option for the music soundtrack (at the bottom of the music selection menu)

6) If you are using version 1.3.30, 1.3.31 or 1.3.32 of videoscribe, you may be experiencing one of several bugs which can be resolved by uninstalling the newer version of videoscribe and installing version 1.3.26

8) if your video is quicktime MOV then make sure you are using the current (or at least, a recent version of) quicktime player to play it back. If you have more than one player installed, you my want to try another video player.

9) Make sure you add your soundtrack using the soundtrack icon (looks like musical notes) and add your voiceover using the voiceover icon (looks like a microphone).

Dear Mike, you can imagine that I read all the over comments; I didn't just skip to the one I copied in my post. I can hear the voiceover actually until around the 55''- 1' mark. After that it just dissapears.

I didn't want to waste time explaining that all the others are fine. But here you are:

4) I can hear both the soundtrack and the voice over in the videoscribe.
5) the 'loop music' is selected and the music doesn't skip
6) I'm using the Beta version
7) The volume is definitely not muted as I can hear both the music and the half of the voiceover before it stops
8) the video is not quicktime MOV is FLV
9) The music was added using the soundtrack icon

Thank you for your help.


Hi Carmen,

The symptom you just described is somewhat different than the symptom in your original post ( original post: "the sound plays in preview mode but not in your rendered video") Your new description of the symptom is: " the sound stops playing after 1 minute and 55 seconds". 

Since you are using the Beta version, you may want to use the Beta feedback forms to address this problem with customer support.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Carmen, I have raised a ticket in relation to this issue.

Please can you check the details on the ticket in relation to your problem.

Thanks, Joe

I have the same problem as originally described.

My music track plays in preview but the movie will not publish (trying to make it a small wmv file) when the music track is included. I took out lots of different images thinking that it might be a dodgy image causing the error - but then I removed the music and then it started publishing properly - but obviously I need to have the music track included still.

I have successfully added music tracks to other published wmv VideoScribe movies. I have tried the same tracks as previoously used successfully and they are preventing the movie from publishing too.

Any ideas?


Easiest thing to try is add the music, save the scribe with a new name, restart videoscribe and try to render the new copy.

You can save the scribe online and tell support the name of it if you want their suggestions.

Or one or more of the tips in these threads will probably resolve your problem:
INSTANT ANSWERS: crashing-and-freezing-videoscribe-desktop
TIPS to Avoid or Fix Videoscribe freezes, crashes, slowdowns, failure to export, or erratic behaviours.


or you can just render the video without the music and use some other video editing software to add the music back in.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Training design sorry you cannot hear your music.

Can you try removing the music track (make a note of the track name first if it is Sparkol Music).

Saving the scribe with a different name and going back to the canvas.

Restarting VideoScribe

Open the renamed scribe

adding the music track and saving again

When you render, do you have the music?

If not, we can take a look at the scribe file if you Save a copy to the Cloud and let us know the name of it.

Please Raise a Support Ticket if you need to and if the track is your own, please attach it to the ticket or provide a link from where we can download it.

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