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Changing the voiceover


Following your suggestions, I've written a script and recorded the voiceover first. However, then comes the problem with finding suitable images and, by the end, finding that the voiceover no longer matches the images, as I hadn't factored in a few more seconds to read the text which is essential.

Can I re-record the voiceover? Do I just hit the record button again and it records over the top? Would love some advice,



 Everyone's preferences may differ. Personally I feel that if you use a voiceover, you don't need  lot of text in your scribe. Just use a few written words or phrases to accentuate the spoken words.

However if you want to include text, you should plan your voiceover accordingly, or be prepared to edit it or re-record it as you mentioned.

You can't edit audio in videoscribe, so it is better to use an audio program to record your voiceover and save it as an MP3 if you think you might want to edit it later.

  If your voiceover is an MP3, you can still add whatever extra pauses you want and re-save it and then import the new version into videoscribe. (some audio programs may require you to install an extra codec for saving mp3 format files)

Sparkol article about voiceovers:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Susanne, You can re-record your voice over in VideoScribe if you press the voice over icon, you will have the option to record your previous one.
Our suggestion would be to create your script and record your voice over in third party software, you can then save this file as an MP3 and import it in.
It is a lot easier to match the timings of images and text to a voice over.

The other alternative would be to record the voice over using third party software whilst playing the Scribe back in preview mode.

This video is a tutorial showing you how this is done -

Thanks, Joe

Facing issue in changing the voice over...

Couldnt find option for that. It is blank.


Hi Vinothaa,

I see that the last time you logged into VideoScribe, you logged into version 3.0.2. If you upgrade to the latest version (3.0.4), you will find that this issue is resolved. You can download the latest version by clicking the download link in your account page.

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