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When are you going to improve the library

 I absolutely love Videoscribe. The only problem is the lack of choice in the library from SVG studio. 

When will SVG offer new images related to different areas (housing, medical, etc.)

Who else does sell images packs on the internet?

Has anyone tested Sparkol Pack or is it a scam (20 dollars a month to access their library) ?

I have bought the Sparkol Pack last night.
But honestly it doesn't worth the money. I will remove my subscription today.
How can I get the people I chose in 2-3 different positions?
(e.g. I chose a man speaking on the phone and watching the watch... that's brilliant because I want to show an operations manager being in a hurry... BUT I want to show the same man discussiong with his director as well...)


Hi Steve, currently on VideoScribe there are nearly 3000 images available for Pro users. is a separate service where you can buy SVG's these are compatible with VideoScribe but are not exclusively usable

with VideoScribe meaning they are royalty free and licenced to use for other things other than VideoScribe (where the VideoScribe images are only licenced to be used with VideoScribe).

We will continue to increase the default VideoScribe library when we have created new folder themes and these will download once they are available (we have added over 1000 extra images in the last year).

There are many services that sell image packs but I cannot say how compatible they will be with VideoScribe.

You could try as there are charged and free images on this site.

If you are looking for bespoke images, you could check out the Illustrators listed on the Sparkol marketplace - and post a project request to get quotes back from the listed Illustrators.

Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe,

I just became a pro user but don't see additional images. Is there something I need to do?

Please don't tell me that this is it (i.e. that you have only 47 folders, of which two are 'unicorns' and 'christmas carol', while so many basic images are missing).


Hi Jorik,

Thanks for your question.

In version 2.0 we enable to trial users access to to the Pro libraries so the trial was not restricted based on trial user feedback.

Going pro will enable extra Pro features such as HD rendering and the removal of the VideoScribe logo on videos rendered as a Pro user.

The full feature comparison can be found here.

We will be introducing a new folder with hundreds of extra images in version 2.1 which is currently in Beta testing right now.

If you would like to sign up for the Beta program and you're a Pro user, you can via Your Account Page.

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