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How do I create an endless loop

I am using windows 8.1

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1) If you want the music soundtrack to loop, click the "loop soundtrack" option at the bottom of the music selection menu.

2) If you just want the video to loop during playback, then you will have to use a video player with that capability.

This article explains how to loop video in Quicktime player:

If you want something else, then you will probably have to describe what you want more clearly.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

I have downloaded quicktime player in order to play my video continuously... however it says 'quicktime player cannot open files of this type'. What else can I open it with and have the continuous loop?

Thank you

It would help if you mentioned what file you are trying to open.

If you are talking about a .scribe file, it is not a video file. It is a work file designed to open only in videoscribe.

If you are a paying member, render a Quicktime video to play it in Quicktime.

If you need additional information, please describe your problem in more detail.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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