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Advanced morphing

I would like to be able to create 3 juggling balls and the movement of juggling, is this possible with morph? I can get the balls to rotate and move up and down but ideally I would like them to move in an arc rather than straight line. Is it possible to make it more fluid or is it restricted to only one straight line move at a time?

Hi Ollie

Morphing will move in a straight line.  To get an arc you could put two or three transition stages in that you morph to.  As long as there are no pauses in between the elements it will look good.

Hi Ian, thanks for your reply, I'm trying to do this but I need to work out a couple of things first.  At each transition stage the image pauses and the lines thicken before moving on again.  I need to play around with inkscape to sort this I know.  The main issue I have though is being able to decide the rotation direction, I want it to continue to turn clockwise but it alternates between clockwise and anti clockwise...can a control this?

FYI, I am also trying to create a cartwheeler moving across the screen, which is more why I need to make sure the rotation remains clockwise and smooth

Hi Ollie, there is not specific way to control the rotation on the Morph. You could manually rotate image one using the rotate button on the image 360 degrees which will give you some automatic rotation when you Morph.

Press and hold the rotate button in the middle of the image, rotate the image 360 degrees then set the morph on image 2.

Apart from that there are no other control mechanisms for the morph.

Thanks, Joe

When I morph a image from one side of the page to the other is their a way to make the image stay full color.

Morphing always shows only black stroked paths during the animation.

(This answer pertains to version 1.3.26)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Morphing will be much more useful when it can move, fade, and rotate full color images. Also, text morphing is an obvious enhancement. Just like 'tweening' in Flash.


Thanks Steven

We're developing it.. please do get your Ideas in Ideas and Feature requests so we can get them to the right people

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