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How to Delete Imported Images from Favorites

In trying to optimize the drawing of the image, I have imported various versions of the same image and now they are all listed in Favorites.  How do I delete unwanted images from Favorites.

For version 2.0 of videoscribe: favorites have been replaced by "recently used". You can right-click any recently used image thumbnail and choose "clear history"

For version 1.x.x of videoscribe:

A google search of the old help section returns this support answer from Joe Clarke last year:

"The favourites folder currently does not have a remove option.

This was a recent feature added and development have had the request to add a remove option on a future version.

The folder will hold up to 200 items and when that limit is reached, the older items will drop off.

In the meantime, you can un-check the box 'add to favourites?' before selecting Use Image but you cannot retrospectively remove them once they are there."

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Version 2 loads all of my saved 200 favourites BEFORE I can access files on my computer. This is really time consuming. Can I delete favourites in Version 2? If not, can I access personal computer files without Videoscribe loading all 200 favourites first? PLEASE tell me I can bypass this incredibly annoying stage.

Hi Piers,

I have good news - version 2.0 doesn't have favourites - it has been replaced by recent files and your old favourites have been converted to recent files but you can clear the recent files - click on Add Image and when it has loaded the thumbnails right click on one of them and select 'Clear History'.


Excellent! Thanks Andy, that's a relief!

How do I clear the recent images on the iPad version? I've tried long-tapping an image in the iPad version, but no options come up.

You could take that a step further and add the ability to right click on an image in the recent file and delete just that image. This would be most helpful.

Hi Dexter,

There is currently no functionality on the iPad to clear the recent images.

I have raised this with our development team as a feature request for a future version.



Hi Ed,

I like your idea, you could add that as a feature request here


I have lots of duplicate images in "recently used" . I was going to delete  one image, but it look like this is going to delete them all.

  1. Can I delete just one image?
  2. If I delete the image here, does it effect my project - will I lose it from the project? 


The only two options are Clear the history (all) or don't clear the history.

These are just shortcuts to recently used images, clearing the history will not delete any actual images.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Suggestion: Deleting a single image from recent seems like a logical option.

I read somewhere about an email address for suggestions, but in another thread I read the following "if you do think of anything you'd like to see in VideoScribe in the future, this forum is now the place to do it.".

Where should I make suggestions?

Sometimes a suggestion starts as a question. how do I convert a question to a suggestion?

Hi Colin,

When you make a new thread, you are given a dropdown list with the option to categorize it as:
1) a question
2) a  suggestion or idea
3) praise

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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