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Complete Hand Sets-Draw, Erase, Move, Point

Dave Backs requested this in the question forum, I'm moving it to the Ideas forum: We need complete, consistent hand sets that include: 

  • Drawing hands
  • Moving-in hands
  • Erasing hands
  • Pointing hands
These sets should all be photographed with one model, wearing the same clothes. Of course, we also need a selection: 
  • Dark skin
  • Light skin
  • Children
  • Adults

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Hand-sets are still inconvenient:

  • When I select a hand from any hand-set folder it dissaperes from this folder forever. It moves to general pile of diffrent hands and separate pens where it is hard or at least inconvenient to determine which hands belong to the same person   
  • Erasers look like pieces of chalk
  • It would be great to have some folder where we can keep our favourite hand-sets without wasting time on scrolling through unwanted options.



I would like to have a child/kid scribbling hand. I think I may have missed , am unable to locate that format . Request you to please help.

Thank you in anticipation

best wishes



If VideoScribe does not include the type of hand you want, it is not difficult to add your own hand (or set of hands!) Sparkol published a tutorial on this topic here.

My suggestion is to add several hand sets at the same time. My set was: 

  • Black whiteboard marker
  • Red whiteboard marker
  • Blue whiteboard marker
  • Whiteboard eraser
  • Spread fingers (for moving objects)
  • Fist (for moving objects with a handle using a pull motion)

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