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Idea for simplest way to manage multi layered scribe with big elements blocking out smaller ones underneath

Dear Sparkol,

I am working on some quite complex scribes these days and when I have a LARGE image it totally masks everything and prevents/complicates  the editing of any previous items.

I have thought about ways to resolve this a lot.. I think we talked about layers.. etc and other things.


In the end.. because VS must be kept simple, I feel the best and simplest solution would be to have an extra option next to  choice for NORMAL , FADED, OUTLINE , GREY , SOLID.    and just call it  OFF, or NOT SHOWN, where it gets turned off as far as editing purposes.

(this means no extra boxes or interface elements are needed and it is contained within the current system.


I can make it faded and see through it, but then I still cant reach things underneath without changing their order around each time, and then putting it back.


many thanks

Russ Law 

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Awesome idea :) I had that same problem and it drives me krazy....


Hey Russ

Thank you for all the thought you have put into this.  I have been thinking about this issue too and I think we need a temp hide in editing mode for sure.  Every-time I look at it I am convinced that people will get confused by it.  

Implementing this the simplest & right way is surprisingly difficult.  

Your suggested implementation would not be possible in version 2 as you don't have access to the outline & grey modes in the pop-up properties in the new release.  

I will revisit this and we will get something in place very very shortly.

Thank you for your patience.

ok, I look forward to seeing the next version. The only other idea I had was to have a setting where you change things like the default timings etc before you open a scribe. Here you could have a turn on ADVANCED settings. and then you get to keep the simplicity for many users, but offer more for others. Im sure you are working through all these ideas. Anyway, it is a fantastic program and really changed my life as I am now supporting my family by making video scribe videos. Thanks, Russ 

One option is to have a layers mode that can be optionally accessed by a button for "advanced" users, keep the existing timeline but if we can turn on a mode to see each layer and what is on it we could better fine-tune the scribes (having audio layers would also be awesome!). 

This would really start to open up possibilities as to what can be done with VideoScribe. 


You are right about this issue, although you actually CAN reach and edit underlying items. 

First make the 'blocking' item Faded, so you can see through it (although this is not necesary, but it makes things more visable). 

In the timeline (!) select the underlying item, and voila, it gets selected on the canvas and you can reposition/scale/move it, anything you want.

It is not as intuitive as one might expect, but it works...

So will start sharing version 2 screenshots and information on 9th June (Monday).  You will see on these there is now an "eye" which allows you to hide an item just for editing purposes.  Thanks again for all the feedback.

Yes, the eye idea is just great ! just to hide an item when you want it out the way for a moment.

This is one of the best new features in version 2.0 Well done, Sparkol!

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