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Hand set that is complete?

Just started my free subscribtion.   Is there a default draw, erase, finger, and move hand that is the same (shirt/skin/age/gender)? Or do we have to create our own hands? Seems odd that you wouldn't have these 4 elements the same for a white man.

Will we get more complete hands in paid subscribtion?

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This is a great question, Dave!


I'm a pro user and don't have a complete set of hands for everything. Never even thought about it. You may want to throw this in the ideas section though! Makes a TON of sense.

Yup, had to import my own hands to get draw, erase and move that all matched. Never thought to do point though-that's a great idea!

Hi Dave,

Great question.

When VideoScribe was first release it only had the default hands (left, right, move in).

Since then there has been regular updates to the hands, you may have noticed some new ones added last week and the removal of some older, lower quality ones.

I think it is a great idea to have a default set although we may need to redo all the default hands to make them consistent.

I would suggest adding this as an idea and hopefully it can gain some momentum.

Thanks, Joe

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