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Is it possible to have the elements pre-drawn?

I would like to have some elements pre-drawn on my scribe so that when the camera transitions to their position, they are already there (as opposed to what is happening right now - the camera transitions there, and then they APPEAR. not smooth...)

any pointers on how I can manipulate the settings in some way to accomplish this effect?

(btw, I have got to say that this font is really amazing... I wish we had it within Videoscribe. I'm sick of marker, outline, and the cursive is impossible to read) 

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PROBLEM: "I want an image somewhere on the canvas so that when the camera moves to that part of the canvas, the image is already there"


1) If there is already an element in the scribe, we'll call that element #1. put the camera facing element #1 or wherever you want it to be. 

2) Add element #2 (the element you want to appear already drawn). Immediately click "set camera" so that the camera remains where it is in step 1. Then move element #2 far enough away from the previous camera position that it will not be visible to the camera from that position. Set draw time, to zero for element #2. Set the transition time to .5 seconds or whatever you want. Element #2 can be an SVG or jpg or png.

3) Add element #3. Move the camera to look at elements #2. with the camera still looking at element #2, select element #3 in the timeline and "set camera". (element 3 can be anything- preferably something with a small file size.) Then you can move element 3 somewhere off-camera if you don't want it to show.

the result is that the camera will watch element 1 being drawn, then it will pan over to where element 2 is already visible and then element 3 will be drawn. (or you can can just use transition times and pauses to pan from element to element that are already drawn.): link to video sample

More information about setting the camera:

Hope that helps,

Mike (videoscribe user)

 Also you can use "move-in" instead of "normal" to have the element slide onto the screen instead of being drawn.

(screenshot is from version 1.3.26)

You can change the hand to "no hand" if you don't want to show a hand sliding the element onto the screen.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

One more note. If you want multiple camera movements revealing multiple images,  simply:
set the camera position for image 3 to look at image 2
set the camera position for image 4 to look at image 3
set the camera position for image 5 to look at image 4
and so on...
The final image will probably always need to be a "dummy" image which does not get seen because its camera position looks at the previous image in the timeline.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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