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Low resolution of built-in font

When I use one of the built-in fonts, the font looks fuzzy.

When I use BLOCK, the outline of the letters is drawn nice and sharp, but when the hand completes a letter and it gets filled - the letter's shape becomes fuzzy and unprofessional.

To check whether this might be due to some pecularity of my project, I created a fresh scribe project (attachment 2) and did not change the default size of the fiont - only set the camera closer to the font. The results were the same. 

Is this a known issue? What can i do to resolve it?

When I use imported fonts, the situation's a bit better, but still - markedly less sharp than you would expect from a true vector render. I sometimes re-trace the text to svg and re-import to get the best quality!

Hi Edo, 

VideoScribe fonts are at a set resolution so there is no specific way to increase their resolution.

The next version will have a higher resolution for the fonts.

The work around on the current version would be to import text as SVG images and use them instead.

This link has instructions should you wish to do this -

Thanks, Joe

This is a major problem with Videoscribe. I am trying to produce an HD 1080p video and it needs high quality crisp text, not fuzzy blurry text. I have tried all the options given and none of them work. Importing svg text is not acceptable as it does not get drawn properly (it draws outlines then fills them). Come on Sparkol, sort this out. Text is one of the fundamental things you have to get right! When will this be fixed? I have a critical job that must be done by 15th May!

Hi Roger,

We do not have a release date at the moment.

I appreciate your frustration but at the moment the SVG option might be the best way to go. If you set the draw time to zero the text will appear all at once without the fill issue.

I agree.  This is the biggest problem with Videoscribe.  

Wow, had I known this was going to be an issue I might not have upgraded to a paid subscription. I just assumed this was a problem with the demo version. No offence, but how could you think this was okay? Half of whiteboarding is text.

Cock Battlechest is an awesome name :)

I didn't actually expect to be using it in conversation when I started up haha

(I mean signed up with it)

I have spent $350.00+ USD playing with Sparlol and I have been able to produce better videos with previous incarnations of the software than I can presently make. It is evident to me that Spardol is not yet ready for prime time! This disappointment has sent me back into the market place and caused me to cancel my account. I can't use videos with sucky text... 

Hey Ron,

Let us know if you find a better alternative. I need better text too. Its a must have!



this issue doesn't seem to have been fixed with version 2.0.2. Do you know when this fonts bug will be corrected ?

Best regards, 


Love the software, but agree with  many of the comments above. Most of my scribes are text, not graphics, and the software does not appear to support true quotes, paragraph formatting, non-English languages, etc. etc.

Hi Tim, 

Version 2.0.2 allows you to import fonts and select Non - English Characters too.

If there are features you would like to see, please post them in the Ideas and Feature Request section.

The most popular requests will be considered for a future release.

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