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Chicken or Egg-Voiceover script or scribe

 What comes first? What is the best way to sync a prerecorded voice-over script with a scribe?

 I strongly recommend:

1) script writing, followed by revisions and client approval

2) voiceover recording and re-recording until you have a good pace and inflection. Use audacity or some other audio software to record it. save it as an MP3

3) import the voiceover into videoscribe and choose elements, drawing times, pauses and transitions times to match the voiceover.

Thanks Mike! Is there a way to add longer pauses that .5 second increments at a time?


 When I want to add longer pauses, for example 5 seconds, I sometimes

1) add a new element (something with a small file size)

2) place it off-camera somewhere,

3) set the camera to stay on the location of the previous element, and

4) set the draw time of the off-screen element to 5 seconds.

You may also have to adjust the pauses and/or transition time of the extra element.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Awesome! Thank you!


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