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Youtube does not let me to use musik from videoscribe library


I've made a video and used I song from videoscribe library.

After I uploaded it on Youtube, I've seen a message:

"Your video may include music that is owned by a third party.

It may be possible to resolve this claim by removing the matching music.

Remove claimed song.

Here are the details:

"Stashuk-Digital Illusion", sound recording administered by:1:00



So, I cannot use videoscribe music library to make videos for me and for my clients, 'cause Youtube says, we use unlicensed music.

Now, I'm using trial version, but I'm going to by pro.

So what to do?

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Hi Alex, sorry you have had this issue. 

All of our Music is licensed to be used.

It is more likely that the algorithm used by Youtube when analyzing the music has identified it as another track.

Are you able to save a copy of the Scribe to your online directory so I can take a look at the Track you have used?

If so , please advise when you have saved it to the online directory and it's name.

Thanks, Joe

I got the notification, I went ahead and published it and now my Youtube Account was closed down for the same exact song.. It looks like 1:00 of this song was used by someone else? I have refuted this claim but I guess now I have to wait up to 60 days for the copyright owner to reverse this decision. Please help. It looks like I can't put more information into my claim or add an addendum to it.



Hi Preston, sorry you have had this issue too.

I have created a document if you encounter this and need to provide more detail to site like Youtube if this does occur. It may also help providing additional information to them now too.

This means you can use the music to monetize the video with YouTube ads, or only you can use it without monetizing it?


You can monetise videos created in VideoScribe on Youtube. See Make money from scribe videos for information.

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