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Free Trial to Videoscribe PRO

I've recently tried out the Free Trial of Videoscribe and loved it! I went ahead and bought the PRO version so that I could continue making animations for my classes.

The problem? It won't let me log back into my account. It keeps saying that I need to buy the PRO version when I've already done so.

Please help! I have projects due that I started with Videoscribe and I can't afford to lose them.

Hi Christina, it looks like you have registered more than one Sparkol account.

The email address you used to post this question and another one. The other email address shows you as a Pro user. 

If you log in using the other email address, you will have the Pro features.


Do you happen to know the other email address? I don't remember signing up with another email address

Hi Christina,

From what I can see you have left a comment on another post about this. The email address you used to sign in to post that it the Pro account.

As this is a public forum, it would not be the best way to give this to you.

If you are still having issues identifying the email address you used previously, you can raise a support ticket and we can advise you privately.

Thanks, Joe

 Hi Joe:

I tried to engage in a trial of your product a while ago and because of new business, was unable to do so.  I signed up again for the trial, but it said I can not do that. 

Any thoughts how I can test drive your product as a possible investment for our company?

Best, aj

If you are having this issue, please submit a support ticket.

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