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Stuck in the login screen

Hi there,

 i am a pro user , i tried to login into my account-desktop- and its not loading

i have tried these but its not use......

plz can give a solution



Hi Karpov, sorry you have this issue.

To investigate we are going to need more information from your regarding your particular situation.

Can you please advise on the following:

  • Have you been able to log in on before using this computer?
  • Do you get any error messages? If yes, please advise the exact error message?
  • Can you advise at what point you get stuck loading VideoScribe?
  • Are you able to log in using a different computer?
  • When you are stuck, are you able to provide any screenshots so we can see exactly what is happening?
Thanks, Joe

1.i was able to log in before error messeges... just going on loading..

3.i had the issue of saving the scribe file before , that was fixed and able to do scribe..but, later when i logged on i had this issue..

Hi Michael, I have had a look at the image and that looks like a problem with the actual application on your computer. 

I would advise you uninstall VideoScribe through control panel, programs and features, reboot the computer then download and install the application again.

This is the link to use for the download -

I would also advise when installing, right click and see if you have the option to run as administrator, if you get any errors during this process, please advise what they are.

Once you have VideoScribe installed again, try running the application as administrator to see if you can now load it.

Another consideration would be if you have a firewall or anti-Virus application running which might be stopping VideoScribe from running?

Thanks, Joe

unable to reach my prjects page via login, finding it too complicated

Hi Chandan,

I see a login to VideoScribe from your account today after you wrote this message. Were you able to find what you were looking for?

I am not able to login on the web, If I login, it takes me to the sparkol account main page, where there is no option to make or start a new scribe. I found your login system very confusing. 

I am only able to login from my local videoscribe downloaded file, where the scribe gets saved only locally. Also, the screen is very dirrefent from the the tutorials ive seen. Im also unable to download imafes into my scribe. 

You cannot create or access scribes on the website, this can only be done via the VideoScribe software that is installed on your computer.

 Hi, I have a similar problem. I am in the trial. But I can't export it to the youtube video. I stuck in the login-mask. There is no way to close this mask. I have to terminate videoscribe through the taskmanager. thank you for help, Christian

Hi Christian,

I see that you have upgraded your account and published a scribe as a MOV since posting this. If you have any further issues, please let us know.

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