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Scribe Loads but freezes with the help overlay

Hi There, 

I have a scribe that I am trying to open and I can get as far as the loading screen, I can see the scribe building in the background but when it gets to the end the help overlay remains on top and I cannot do anything. I have tried exporting the scribe and then importing the scribe however the same problem happens. I've saved the scribe online (WIE FULL VERSION) and the same thing happens when I try to open it from there. I urgently need to edit this scribe, please help!

Thanks in advance


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Hi Jaynar, it looks like the scribe is quite large and seems to be an issue with VideoScribe reading some of the elements on this Scribe.

As it will take a while to investigate these types of problems, I will raise it as a ticket and respond to you via that ticket.


I have the same problem as described in the thread above. I can see the scribe loading but then the help overlay remains in place. Same is true for the original and the backup file.

This is a fairly large scribe for a client and I need to continue working on this urgently.

Please can anyone share a 'fix' for this issue?



Hi John, sorry you have this issue.

Firstly I would try the steps in this article -

If you try those steps and you still have the issue, please use this link to raise a ticket for investigation-

If you need to raise a ticket for this, please ensure you have a copy of the Scribe saved to your online directory and let us know the name of it -

Thanks, Joe

Hi Jo,

Sorry to be thick - but can you tell me where Scribes are stored locally by default on Mac?

I can then to import as detailed in the solution you have suggested.\

Thanks for your help,


Hi Joe,

I've located the file and tried the export/import option but still have the same problem.

I shall raise a ticket now.



Hi John, sorry it is still not fixed, if you raise a ticket we can check it out. Please don forget to save it online too.

Thanks, Joe

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