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illustrator settings for saving out svg

When I save my illustrator files to svg, the line weights aren't holding up. Are there specific setting I need to use in Illustrator CC? I've attached sample files of a couple of illustrations
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money.svg money.svg
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I recommend SVG1.1 and adobe CEF with no embedded images or fonts.

No clipping paths, masks or other special effects.

Only use stroked and filled paths.

possible related issue: if you paste the vector art into a different AI document with different settings and/or scale it larger, the lines may seem thinner because the stroke sizes do not automatically increase.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks! I had already done what you suggested but tried clicking on "preserve illustrator editing capabilities" and that seemed to do the trick. But thank you for your repsonse!

I've found I can export selection to SVG in Illustrator CC but I need to be sure and check Inline Style instead of the default Internal CSS. This allows lines to draw correctly.

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