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[PRO User] The created video has poor quality


I have just bought a pro license of videoscribe, and when I create the video (.MOV file with a quality of 100%) it has poor quality (is blurred). I'm using the VLC player. When I was a trial user, the output videos had a poor quality as well, but I thought it was because of the trial license.

By the way, I use my own draws and I put them in 400px.

How can I create videos which were not blurred?  

Thank you!


1) What video size is your exported video, Maybe you are exporting it small like 640x320 and then viewing it at a larger size.

2) 400 Px high or wide?  You should probably use images that are about as large as the dimensions of your video and import them with a quality/size setting equal to the image width...

3) Or there could be plenty of other things wrong with your images or other settings, You might want to save your scribe online and ask customer support to take a look at it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks, really. I have already saved my scribe on the online storage. Can you take a look at it?

Hi Maties, there are two things you can try.

Firstly you can increase the default image quality when importing images into VideoScribe.

You can find this menu in the settings option after you have logged into VideoScribe:

Also when you go to create and share, ensure you render at a higher quality than the default quality.

I would suggest renaming and saving the scribe as a new copy and then choosing a higher rendering quality setting on the new file:

Thanks, Joe


You are right.  The MOV compression settings are way too aggressive creating a blurry product even at the "highest" settings.  Even the audio is compressed to a very dismal 22hz.  The WMV option renders at a higher quality; however, the export to WMV rarely works (at least not in Version 2.0).  You might be stuck like we are until the bugs are worked out.

Blurry Version 2 examples gratefully received :)

I am facing similar video quality issue. 720 X 1280 with 60 Frame and yet the quality is poor.

When I am uploading the video on YouTube, it doesn't even show Option to watch the video in HD as it shows it is currently in 360 p.

Need Help!

Please provide more information:

1) can you attach the video file here?

2) what file format?

3) 60 frames is overkill in most cases I believe. 25 or 30 is standard, and if youtube is changing the frame rate from 60 to 30 or 25, it might actually reduce the video quality.

4) youtube may default to a lower video quality than the file you uploaded if you have your youtube player quality set to "auto"

5) youtube reprocesses your video and it may take a while for the largest, highest quality version to be ready for viewing. Again check the youtube player settings to see what bitrates are being offered.

6) are you resaving or editing your video in any other program?

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Mike! Thank you for your prompt response. It turned out that I had to re-save the scribe online and then create a YoutTube video. I can now upload them in HD.

Again, thank you for your support!

hi. how do you convert the video to vlc? i don't kniow how to open my video without opening it with videoscribe. i wanna know how to open and convert it to vlc media player. please help me. thanks

Saving video in videoscribe version 2 is described near the end of the first tutorial video:
VideoScribe v2 tutorial 1 – Creating your first scribe

VLC player is a video player similar to quicktime player or windows media player. It is not a file type, so you can't "convert a video to VLC".

Pro users can save videos in the following formats: MOV, FLV, WMV. Free users can only save directly to youtube, facebook and powerpoint I believe.

-Mike (videoscribe userr)


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