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Issue using PRO account

I recently upgraded to a PRO account from the free trial, after creating some VideoScribes during the free trial.  When I try to open VideoScribe and log in, it displays the message " need a Sparkol PRO account to use Sparkol desktop..."

When I log into the website (using the same username and password, the Summary page under Account says "You have VideoScribe PRO on a monthly subscription".

I've paid for the PRO subscription, but can't seem to use it.  What can I do to get logged in and start using the software again?  I'd prefer not to have to re-install as I've created multiple VideoScribes that are only saved locally.



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Hi Stefanie, Can you try and log in now and are you able to access the Pro features?

Yes, it works now.  Thanks!

I'm having the same problem. How did you fix it? 

Hi Christina, can you ensure you are logged in using the correct email address (the one you used to log in and post this message). You're showing as a Pro user.

Thanks, Joe

Hi Christina,

In addition to Joe's tip, Here is a list of other suggestions:

for example:

"2) Some special characters (*^$- etc.) in your password may work on the WEBSITE but may cause your password to FAIL when logging into videoscribe SOFTWARE. Letters and numbers should work in all instances. You can change your password on your profile page:

3) If you are a free trial user and you have changed your email address since you joined, that may prevent you from signing in. You can log into the website and change it back.

4) Make sure you are typing the username and password exactly the way they were typed when you joined.

5) If you have more than one account being used on the computer, make sure you are using the correct email with the correct password."

(and more at the link provided)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hello! I'm having the same problem. Can you help me too?

Hi Symvaro,

Sorry you're having account problems.

I would recommend creating a support ticket

with details of your specific issue so we can advise you further.

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