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Standard UI elements and keystrokes please!

VideoScribe is not ready for production work without these UI elements fully implemented: (Windows keys shown; for Mac substitute CMD for CNTRL)

  • CNTRL-C to copy any object or group
  • CNTRL-V to paste anything in clipboard
  • CNTRL-X to cut any object or group
  • CNTRL-Z to undo any previous action (up to 20 or 100 levels would be even better)
  • CNTRL-S to save a scribe as an editable file in the directory of my chosing
  • Save-As to save the current status of the scribe as an editable file in the directory of my chosing
For examples of these UI elements, please look at any Mac/Windows product released since 1984. 

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Hi Rob.  I am so sorry to hear you lost work.  Ctrl-S should be working, it definitely past testing in version 2.0.1.  You will know it's working because it actually comes up with the dialog, which you should be able to then press enter on to confirm. 

It does not. Yesterday I was working from whichever version I downloaded for trial last week. Today, I downloaded the latest version and it still does not work. How can i tell which version I'm running? There are no UI hints or menus as with other programs.

BTW, I do believe the version I'm using today is defferent from before because tool tips are showing, they didn't before.

On my Mac, using Version 2, there are four Edit Menu options; Cut, Copy, Paste, and Select All. None of them work, neither by choosing them with the mouse, or by typing the key command. Furthermore, Command-S doesn't save, Command-Z doesn't undo. The only key command that actually works is Command-W, to close window.

Videoscribe is entirely mouse driven, truly a clumsy way to work. Much as I love it, there's got to be a better way. Key commands have been standard GUI fare for more than two decades.


The version number is available by clicking on the "?" on the bottom right of the browse projects screen, but if you are seeing hints then you are running version 2.0.1 or greater.

This is very strange, I'm sorry Rob, we will have to work out why it's working here and in testing and not for you.  I'll make sure this gets figured out asap.

Hi Steve.  On a MAC the built in Edit menu doesn't work for clipboard functions - we intend to link into this, so this will come - but all keystrokes currently work under Ctrl and not Command.  Again, we intend to resolve this very shortly in the coming patch release 2.0.2 due shortly.

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