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Standard UI elements and keystrokes please!

VideoScribe is not ready for production work without these UI elements fully implemented: (Windows keys shown; for Mac substitute CMD for CNTRL)

  • CNTRL-C to copy any object or group
  • CNTRL-V to paste anything in clipboard
  • CNTRL-X to cut any object or group
  • CNTRL-Z to undo any previous action (up to 20 or 100 levels would be even better)
  • CNTRL-S to save a scribe as an editable file in the directory of my chosing
  • Save-As to save the current status of the scribe as an editable file in the directory of my chosing
For examples of these UI elements, please look at any Mac/Windows product released since 1984. 

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Agreed :)


We have implemented all these keystrokes in the new version 2.

Good to hear. When is V2 due for release?


Monday!  Rollout starts on 9th June 2014.

Then I have discovered Videoscribe at a perfect time!


Yea Rollout on 9th June 2014 ;)

It's there now at - we are taking the rollout to existing users very slowly, but if you want to upgrade or use the new version you are welcome to.

Thanks Jon to you and the Sparkol crew for all of the hard work in getting this Version 2.0 out to the us :)

Much appreciated...


 Before I install V2, am I in danger of losing the scribes I've already created? Where in fact are they stored, if I saved locally?

Hi Steven,

No you will not lose any scribes. 

Your scribes are not stored with the software, they are stored in a separate hidden directory.


We are planning to upgrade version 1.x users slowly to version 2 in-case any problems arise, currently there are no known issues upgrading.  If you would rather wait until others have gone through this process that's not a problem, we want to make your life better and not cause you any unnecessary headaches!

For more on upgrading to version 2, see this post:

Apparently, CTRL>S doesn't work. I found out the hard way this morning that my hours of work yesterday are lost as I was assuming that CTRL>S was saving. It wasn't.

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