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Larger (or resizable) text boxes for questions, answers, and comments (and other minor issues in new help section)

Hi, (I'm using Windows 8 and firefox 28)

I like the new colors and art.

1) In the new help section: message, answer and comment text boxes are kind of small and cannot be resized as they could in the old help section. My main request is to at least widen the text boxes and also enable resizing if that is an option.

2) Main HELP page: It's pretty, but a bit long and sprawling for users who may want to quickly and easily solve a frustrating problem. It requires a lot of scrolling to figure out which sub categories are available, which one I should choose, and how to get to it... I would LOVE to see links to each help page ( tutorials, training, FAQ, troubleshooting, community help, guides) listed across the TOP of the main help page immediately under "VideoScribe Help" and the rest of the page could continue below it for those who want to scroll and browse.

3) The navigation links in the header break the formatting of the page (if viewed on my admittedly outdated 1024x768 display) and extend past the header outline to the right side. At 1280x960 the header formatting remains intact.

4) when I copy and paste something into the question text box using Ctrl+v... the screen sometimes scrolls instantly to the bottom of the web page. I can't reproduce it every time but about 25% of the time if I copy and paste a sentence to different parts of the post, it  sends me straight to the footer of the page.

5) Multiple undos don't work as in some of the other forums I use.  Not really a big deal, but it's a nice feature if it is something that can be enabled.

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I especially like the #2 suggest that Mike has. A lot of scrolling is required currently to find subgroups. Having a list at the top that is clearly a list of subgroups (not just random links on the right side of the page for instance) would be quite helpful!


I also have #4 happen from time to time.


And might I add a #6? A basic spell check would be great. Other forums I'm a member of add that fun ol' red squiggley line just like Office products.

We are currently in midst of a (long awaited) redesign to the Help section of our website.

We appreciate your feedback, and your input will prove extremely valuable to this process.

Your input on the layout and commenting features has been duly noted.

Great!  Thanks for the news, Jonny.

As always, the kind, patient and helpful videoscribe staff deserve high marks. The help section of the site itself has a nice visual style, but could benefit from some usability tweaks.

Some changes have been made since my original post.
1) Message boxes are now resizeable. Nice!

2) The ability to edit our own posts has been removed. Frustrating.

3) I cannot copy and paste text into the message field of my posts without some trickery (possibly due to some kind of naming convention in the fields or in the clipboard? I dunno)

4) An icon indicating each user's current membership status (free/"none", pro, edu...) would reduce the amount of questioning and guesswork involved in troubleshooting some problems.

5) The main help page has improved. If I were a user needing help, I think I'd still like to see something like this closer to the very top of the page:
--- INSTANT ANSWERS (official Videoscribe FAQ and troubleshooting)
--- TUTORIALS (official Videoscribe  help videos, and bootcamp sessions)
--- COMMUNITY FORUM (questions and answers from videoscribe users )
--- CONTACT (get live support or raise a ticket)

6) the search function could use some tweaking. It seems to prefer a newer thread with one search term over the one that has the closest match to all of the search terms. For example, If I am trying to find a specific post from a month ago and I type in the exact 5 word title, I'm more likely to see newer posts that only contain one of the keywords i typed.  I currently use google to search the videoscribe forums.

7) fonts and font sizes can't be adjusted by users but sometimes they change while editing a post so the  fonts and sizes are mismatched. not a big problem, but sloppy.

font or size change example:

font or size change example:

8) an option or possibly a default setting to view the entire thread on one page without having to click to page 2 would be nice. Is there a concern that any computer can't handle more than 15 posts on a page? when I add a reply I am sent back to page 1 (if I recall correctly)

9) exact dates on posts would be nice instead of "2 months ago" or "over a year ago"

If you happen to switch from freshdesk to a different service, some of these issues my be resolved automatically. Even a more generic but more familiar forum layout would probably feel more inviting and helpful to stressed users seeking answers. At least, that's what I think.  Maybe more users will chime inn with their opinions.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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