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Where have my ideas gone?

Thank you to everyone who submitted their ideas to Sparkol Answers before it closed. 

We really appreciate you taking the time to help us improve VideoScribe. We've taken your feedback on board for future releases.

You can still see your ideas on Sparkol Answers for a short time after the 23 April.

And if you do think of anything you'd like to see in VideoScribe in the future, this forum is now the place to do it.

Best wishes,


 Looking good :)

Please do not take offline. Many of us contributed many hours to the answers there (I'm thinking of Mike Metcalf in particular, as well as Joe and Andy from Sparkol). It will take many months before this new forum has that depth and richness. Please keep it available. Thank you.

Don't worry – Sparkol Answers will stay (read-only) for as long as it remains useful. Eventually, this new forum will become more relevant, especially as new versions of VideoScribe supersede the old. We're grateful for all that you put into Answers, and the contributions you're already making here. Thank you.

i really suggest an undo and redo function.. lol

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