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not able to make payment

I am from India i tried to buy Videoscribe, but the  'error' message show that you have to contact to sales manager as your transaction was unsuccesfull  they told me that your card was blocked then i go to my bank asked them to allowed me foreign transaction and then i link my paypal account with my debit card card after doing all these when i again tried to make payment for yearly subscription the same message will appear although i verified my account with Paypal what to do please help me on this issue!!!!!

I'll turn this forum post into a private support ticket for you so we can discuss the account in detail.

Hi. I have purchased Videoscribe before but this time i want yearly subscription. I tried many times but it's showing *Unfortunately your transaction has not been successful, please contact our sales team for assistance.*.
Please let me know how to proceed further. Waiting for reply as earliest.

Thanks !


I've created a support ticket for you and sent a reply.

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