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2nd layer of SVG already drawn partly while drawing first layer

Hi all,

I have a newbee question. I am testing with a very simple layered SVG from AI (see attachment): two overlapping squares, each in a layer, one red, one blue. I expected VS to draw the first (red, bottom) layer fully and then the second (blue, top) layer overlapping the first layer. So that I would see a red square first, and than the second blue on top of it.

However, when the first square is drawn, it is not intact, not fully red. The parts overlapping with the blue top square are already drawn in blue, so before the blue square is drawn.

The end result is fine, but not the way the scribe is built up. This looks very disturbing to me. How can I avoid this? What do I miss?

Thanks in advance!


In order to make both squares draw completely, in that order, without showing the color overlap on the bottom square:

1) make two separate SVG images, each containing one square

2) import them separately into videoscribe and

3) position them the way you want them.

Thanks, I figured out that workaround, but of course that can become quite a lot or work in more complicated images. But  apparently I did not miss anything and this how Videoscribe works.

Thanks again!

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