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Auto-Delete old version of replaced element

I find in most cases I also want to delete the old image because it is obsolete. I'd like to see an option for this to be automatic. This would streamline the process.

Hi Ray,

Thanks for submitting your idea.

Do you mean that you would like the old image to be removed from your recently used image history when you replace an image with another?


What if it is a completely different image (not an update of the same image) and you do not want to delete the old image from your recently used? 

You have to go into the add image window anyway when you replace an image with another so you can just remove the image from your recently used before you select the image to replace it with.

So, you would open the properties of the image you would like to be replaced, click on 'Select image' (1), then remove the current image from your recently used history (2), then select the new image (3) (or you can select an image from the VideoScribe image library).

Good point. I find I typically replace because I’ve altered the illustration, but it could be for other reasons. When I DO import a new element in taken directly back to the whiteboard. I’d rather have the option of previewing the element animation before committing to it.

It's not possible to preview how an image will draw in VideoScribe before it is imported into VideoScribe unfortunately. The imported image will be selected automatically on the canvas after you import it so you can double click it on the canvas to open the properties and preview from there.

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