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going pro

I just worked two hours on a birthday video for my grandma who lives really far away.. and now I can't even download the video without going pro?! this is so unfair. I worked really hard on it and now I can just throw it away. 

thanks a lot.

please say things like this before hand. 

could've made my grandma a video with a different program and now I still have nothing. 

If i understand you correctly, you agreed to the terms of use without reading them so you didn't know the limitations of the free trial.

I would recommend that you publish the video to youtube or facebook and send a link to your grandmother. Or download the video from your youtube channel as an mp4.

-Mike (videoscribe user)



VIDEOSCRIBE BUY WEBSITE TO order confirmation failed 

so please halp me and buy to software help

Hi Jalaram, 

A support ticket has been raised for your query.

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