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Hands writes slowly and not the entire word


When a hand writes something first it just writes a couple of letters for example: "beautiful" it only writes "bea" and the other letters just appear. Second the movement of the hand is very unnatural as if it is made with a slow camera even if I put only 2 seconds for writing a word. When I see Videoscribe Videos in youtube it does not happen, the movement is very dynamic. I have to use the option of writing without hand. Its a shame because I like the hand. What can be wrong? 

Sorry that you are experiencing this issue.

Does the issue happen when you have only 1 text element on your scribe and you write 1 single word in that text element? Or does it only happen on a scribe where you already have lots of other elements on the canvas?

Now it works perfectly. I suppose you have fixed it because I do not have any problems. The hand moves fast and it writes all the letters of the words. Thank you very much.

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