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cancelar suscripción

requiero cancelar la suscripción .. como lo realizo

Hi Sandra,

I see that you have successfully cancelled your subscription.

Here are the instructions for anyone else who isn't sure:

Cancel your subscription

Hola buenas,

Hace algo menos de un mes compré una suscripción mensual de VideoScribe y ahora me gustaría cancelar dicha suscripción, y a la hora de seguir los pasos que marca la web no me aparece la opción de  cancelarla. Me gustaría saber como puedo resolver este problema y cancelar mi suscripción antes de que me realicen el siguiente pago.


​Hi Roberto,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I can confirm that your subscription has been cancelled successfully.

You can still ​use your software as usual, I would suggest rendering and scribe projects you may need to video so they are still accessible once the subscription ends.

You're welcome back any time of course, we will not delete any scribes that are saved to the cloud.

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