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serious design issue in videoscribe 3.0.1-10 PC


I think there are serious design issues in latest videoscribe 3.0.1-10 PC

check this screenshot. How can I click on Plus button to increase the object draw time? 

Secondly, accessing "Image Property" was way easier in earlier old layout. (with a single click)

In the latest version, every time when click on the object on timeline brings a context menu which is annoying. This menu should appear on clicking the "Right click" 

And "Image Property" button should be restored.

Third thing..

No new keyboard shortcuts. No Shortcuts for adding text, importing images etc etc.


I have installed new version of videoscribe. Now, I couldnt replace the voice over that is exist in my saved scribe files.

@Muddassir & @Vinothaa - I see you both have a support ticket already so I will leave this conversation to that ticket so we are not talking about the same thing in 2 places

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