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Latest version 3.0.2-4 - double click to edit

Some slicker UI please.

When I double click a thumbnail in the timeline I would like the properties to open. I have to right click and select from menu. Poor.

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With the image/text selected, you can double click it on the canvas to bring up the element properties.

Hello, this one is In Progress and scheduled for v3.1. Plan is to add a camera icon to the thumbnail so you can click that to go to the camera position of element which is the current action for double click and then we can make double click an open properties action.

If the element is layered behind another element it cannot be double clicked to edit.

No, that is true, you would need to hide the element on the canvas (using the eye icon on the timeline thumbnail), then double click on the element beneath. When you click on an element on the canvas, it will automatically be selected and visible on the timeline.

We have released VideoScribe version 3.2.0 where double clicking on the timeline thumbnail opens the element properties.

Download version 3.2.0 from your account page. |  View Release Notes for v3.2.

Yes, but now I loss a quick way to view element's camera position. What is its shortcut now? I have to click to open the quick menu, and find a button for that. Is there other way?

Yes, you can no longer double click on the timeline thumbnail to go to the element's camera position. You need to expand the timeline thumbnail, click on the camera and then click on the camera with the eye in it.

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