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Please, please fix the kerning!

Unfortunately, this otherwise excellent software is useless to me if I can't fix the damn kerning. This such a basic requirement that I can not believe it hasn't been addressed in all the years users have complained about it.

Sorry Eric, this is still something that we haven't got round to addressing yet.

When a font is imported into VideoScribe a single image is created for each character and the spacing between these images can vary sometimes.

One thing you could try in the meantime is to create a separate text element for a single character that might have a large gap. For example you could have the A in the word Apple as a separate element and then another element for the rest of the word (or 3 separate elements if the spacing issue is in the middle of a word).

To get the text to be the same size you can copy and paste one text element to create a duplicate and then edit the text of the copy and move the second text element into position.

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