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Question Hand-drawn style for Architectural renders

Hi everybody, I'm not a complete novice to photoshop but I'm having trouble recreating the effect shown below. I'm looking to turn my architectural renders (done with Vray in 3dsmax) into something that looks hand-drawn, almost. The example shown below is from another student who graduated a couple of years ago. I suspect his workflow was similar - a base 3d render made grayscale and then edited - but how do I recreate those soft gradient changes that make it look like it's a graphite drawing?I went through many resources and Hand Drawn Video for help but, did not find any help.I'm wary of using one of those pencil-sketch Photoshop actions because they come out naff and don't give the look I'm after. Any help is much appreciated! Thank you.
your example image is not showing up.


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