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Hi The more I create and shaw my videos made with videoscribe the more the need for inserting external video is required ..... I'm talking actually about inserting video in videoscribe not the other way round. Could tell me if these valuable feature is foreseen in the product roadmap ?

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Hi Thierry,

We don't have any plans to allow importing of video clips into VideoScribe at this time but it is logged as a feature request and may be considered for future development. In the meantime you can render your scribe as a video file (as a Pro subscriber) and use video editing software to combine it with other video footage.

Thanks Thierry - I've just started using VideoScibe but would also really appreciate the ability to insert video clips. Being able to zoom into a  sketch of a TV / computer screen that then plays a video (with sound) before moving on would be amazing!

Matthew - any movement on this in the last 9 or so months? I'll use your workaround until a native solution is developed (please!).


Hi Neil,

There are still no plans to implement the ability to import video into VideoScribe.

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