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Text overall does not look crisp, even when in videoscribe.

Is there any control on that?

In the attached image--The "C" in contact centers is chopped off

--anyway to remedy?

Overall guidelines for clear sharp text?

text.png text.png
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Support might have a more concise answer for you. I would suggest trying a differerent font (or several). Some fonts are sharper in videoscribe and some fonts get cut off a little.

As a rule, I usually make SVG images out of all of my text, but that's a lot of extra work. Also as a rule, I use as little text as possible and use a voiceover.

I think I read that the whole text feature is being reworked for better support of different alphabets, so there may be an improvement in the future but I don't think a beta or final release date has been assigned yet.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


The defects on text elements are caused by a bounding box around each line of text. The bounding box is invisible until another text element is placed over it or you have multiple lines of text and then the piece of text that overlaps with the bounding box becomes very slightly distorted; it seems to put a single pixel out of place. The bounding box stretches above and below each line of text and hugs the text at the sides.


I have added the lines that are causing this to your screenshot (above).

If a text element has multiple lines of text, each line has a bounding box so can affect the line below.

A workaround would be to add each line of text as a separate text element and move each one down or up enough so that the defect does not appear.

In this screenshot I have split a text element into 3 and arranged the text so that the element's bounding box is not overlapping with the text on another line.


Here is the same text but as a single element - you see the distortion starting on the second line towards the bottom of the letters.


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