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Error: You are already logged in on a different device. Please wait for a few minutes, and try again.

I am using videoscribe in a laptop. I tried rebooting several times, I also reinstalled VideoScribe. But, nothing worked. My work is hindered for more than a day now. I just made the subscription on 3 June 2017 and used the application for a few hours. Then I am hit by the error "Already logged in...". I didn't try logging into the application form any other device. Please take some quick actions on this. It is ok even if you terminate my session which hasn't logged out properly. Please do the needful and get back to me soon.


Ticket #33547 Unable to login to the desktop client ticket raised for the issue on 03 June. Kindly look into the issue ASAP.

Now I am able to login to my account. The ticket could be closed.

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