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Saving doesn't work...

Hello community, 

I pay my subscription and I try since several days to save my work and it doesn't work, someone can help me please ? I have to give this work this week so I need help... 

Thank you very much, beforehand, 

Best regards, 

PS : sorry for my english but I remain available for further information, 

Are you trying to save your work in videoscribe?
are you trying to render/publish an MOV file, a WMV file, an AVI file?
are you trying to publish to youtube or facebook or


I'm trying to save my work in videoscribe before to export... But each time it turns during several long minutes before the "beug" software... 

I don't understand why... 


Ooooh... I found my mistake, I think is due to the extrem zoom... I put a bigger zoom (something like 30%) and now I can save it !!!! 

Mike thank you very much ! :) 

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