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Switched to PRO account but still no access to PRO images (just the free trial ones)

Dear all,

I had Videoscribe already downloaded on my computer with a free trial. Now I subscribed and paid for the PRO. I re-installed Videoscribe, but I still only have access to the free trial images, and for all the other images it says I need to buy a PRO account. I did already pay, since the payment got discounted from my account.

Please help!

There are images in the VideoScribe image library that you have to pay for and are not included in the subscription price. These images are uploaded for sale in VideoScribe by professional artists and are not our images. 

During the free trial if you use search terms when looking for an image the images that you have to pay for are marked with red banners. If you click on one of these images during the free trial it will say that you need a Pro account to buy this image. If you click on one of these images as a Pro subscriber you will be shown the price of the image, you will have to agree to the terms by checking a box, then you would click the 'Buy Now' button and enter your account password.

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