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Video Won't Publish to Youtube with Free Trial

I'm currently working under the free trial and I am attempting to publish my video "School Counseling Philosophy" to Youtube. I have tried to publish it multiple times, but I continue to get the error message "For some reason we can't upload your video to Youtube. Check your internet connection and try again." I have read multiple threads on this topic, as it seems like a common issue. I have tried restarting the router, restarting the computer, connecting via ethernet cable, and verified my Youtube account. I have saved it under my account in the cloud storage, but I can't seem to do anything with it there. I have also attached the .scribe file. 

This is for an assignment that is due Wednesday, so I have some time. 

The arrangement of your elements looks good.
The number of elements looks fine.
It seems to load pretty smoothly.
Some of the zoom percentages are kinda low but they may not be a problem.
I'll see if I can publish it.

You might also want to RAISE A TICKET to contact customer support.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


If it renders and uploads successfully it will be on Sparkol's video sharing website soon. I would estimate that it might be ready within about an hour but that's just a guess. I made it "unlisted" (not public) but the link to it will be:

Good luck!

-Mike (videoscribe user)

video is now live at that link.


It seemed to solve the issue. Thanks!

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