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Lost Scribes

I have re-downloaded video scribe and all previous scribes are missing

They were not saved on my computer 

I have re-downloaded video scribe on different computers before and my scribes were still there, not sure why this did not work this time?

There are a number of reasons that a saved scribe may appear to be missing when you open VideoScribe. It may be that you:

  • Saved the scribe locally on a computer and are now using VideoScribe on a different computer
  • Saved the scribe locally using a PC with a specific user profile, and you are now logging into that PC with a different user profile
  • Saved the scribe to the online (cloud) directory and are looking for it in the local directory
  • Have created more than one Sparkol account and the scribes are stored in the online (cloud) directory on a different Sparkol account
  • Have saved your scribe by exporting it as .scribe file to your computer. If so, you will need to import it back into VideoScribe.

Guide to saving in VideoScribe

If reviewing these scenarios doesn't help you find your scribe, please contact our support team directly

Please note that a scribe file that you have deleted cannot be recovered.

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