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Editing fonts

Hello, is there any way how to edit fonts? I have downloaded font which I like and it works well with VideScribe. All the glyphs are animated well. However, I'm missing some of the letters in that font so I wanted to add them using InkScape. I followed the procedure to make proper svg image for VideoScribe. I imported this image (the glyph graphics) into FontForge (application for editing fonts) and made a new (edited) font. When I imported the edited font into VideoScribe the letters which I add are not animated well. The stroke doesn't follow the right order so the path is not drawn from start to end but randomly. Thanks for any suggestions. 

Thanks for comments :D

1) i don't know

2) if you have a question about a font, attach the font and clearly indicate which characters of the font are not appearing in videoscribe

3) if you have a problem with the modified font, provide a link to the video of the problem and indicate which letters are drawing wrong so forum users can see the problem.

4) if you want help with the inkscape SVG, attach the SVG and indicate which letters are causing problems.

5) if you want help with the fontforge file, attach that file or get help from the fontforge website.

6) if you want to contact customer support.... raise a ticket

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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