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A Spanish version of VideoScribe can be downloaded from here:

Buena noche. Necesito su colaboración... Tengo la versin gratuita y estoy intentando descargarlo a YouTube, me dice que el zoom no permite terminar la descarga... Cómo puedo solucionar eso?

tengo la membresía mensual y no me deja subir un segundo video.

no puedosubir un segundo video el mismo dia?

Hi Elina,

Where are you trying to upload your video to?

Does it work if you render the scribe as a video file on your computer and upload the video manually?

Hola, Matthew Cook,

Funcionó de esa manera.

Agradecida por la asistencia.

Great! :-)

Hola!! quiero comprar una licencia anual y no me deja en la pagina, donde puedo comprar??

quedo atenta gracias 

What happens when you try to buy the annual licence? If any messages are displayed, what do they say?

Me da un error en la pagina. Tienes algún link directo donde pueda comprar?, debo estar inscrita antes?. El pago es el dolares? euros?.


You need to purchase the subscription through our buy page, there is no direct link. You will also need to log into the checkout page, after selecting your subscription type, using your Sparkol account details. The currency you pay in will depend on where you are. If you are in Great Britain, you will be charged in GBP, if in the rest of Europe, in EUR and anywhere else in the world will be charged in USD.

You said that the site is giving you an error message. Please could you let me know exactly what the message says?

Hola. Hay soporte técnico telefónico en español? Gracias

Hi Jose,

Our support is mostly email based via our ticket system. We don't have Spanish speaking tech support at the moment but you can raise a support ticket and type in Spanish and it can be translated using an online translation tool by our support team.

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