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On the Sparkol website it says,

"Royalty Free Images...pick from 1,000s of images in our libraries"   where are these libraries?   Is this just images available on the standard white board page link?  Or is there something else?


1) When you have a scribe project open, look near the top left corner of the screen for an icon that looks like a sun over some mountains. That's the "import image" icon.  Click it. In the menu that opens you will either see folders which are filled with (thousands of) library images, or, if you have made a scribe before, you will see thumbnails of "recently used images". You can click the "library" icon on that menu to switch to the library folders if necessary. (the library icon looks like a building with columns.)

2) In addition to the library images provided by sparkol, if you use the search bar to search for images, you will also see images made by other users. images with a red tag are for sale by other users. images with a green tag are free from other users.

3) if all of those images are not enough, look for SVG studio at the bottom of this page which is a paid SVG source.

and you can find tutorials on the instant answers page describing how to make your own SVGs.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike.

HI, I am looking for a lot of SVG for my projects, but I saw reommended SVG in your webiste that is not enough for me & somethings with red tag & have to pay. Please advise me where do I can find more SVG to support for my projects.

Thanks a lot

Sorry , I meant that I need some SVG free in the library to choose. Tks

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