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Purchased an image and cannot use

Hi, I purchased the RedCross image from Doodle Arts for $3.70 and have the invoice, but I still cannot use the image without purchasing it again. Please help.

If you used it recently, look in the recently used images to find it.
If you used it in a previous scribe, open the scribe and copy/paste it into your new scribe.

In fact it is probably a good idea to keep 1 scribe containing all of the images that you have purchased.

related link: Buying and using premium images

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi, unfortunately an error occurred when I bought the item and I couldn't use the item at the time (and since then for free). Nevertheless, I received an invoice that I was charged. I haven't tried to reuse the image because I suspect I will be charged twice. Would it be possible for me to repurchase and then have any duplicate charge dropped?

Timothy, sorry you've had this issue! You have 2 choices in this case. We can either refund the original payment for you and then it's up to you if you buy the image again or you can buy it again and we'll refund the duplicate. Let us know how you would like to proceed.

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