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I was using the free trial and wanted to incorporate some of the paid scribes on the program. I thought I had to buy the monthly subscription to be able to use the graphic you need to pay for. So I paid for the monthly use, but realized I still need to purchase the in program graphics. I paid for some of the drawings in Scribe, but I do not need a monthly subscription to his as it was just a one time assignment. Is there anyway I could get refunded for the monthly subscription, I  purchased it yesterday.

Our minimum subscription term is a month so if you want access to the many additional features that a subscription gives you like the ability to purchase premium images then you would need to subscribe for a month at minimum. That said individual subscribers who are using the subscription purposes outside their trade, business, craft or profession have a statutory right to cancel your contract within 14 days. If that is applicable for you please either log a ticket with support or email and we can discuss that with you. 

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